You are the best person to tell your story. Whether you tell it through your autobiography, fiction, a newsletter or a blog, your story is just that – your story. No one else can tell it as you can. Without writers, we would never have beautiful stories in the first place.
You might think that editors and translators are the heroes of stories. You might argue that without them, the beautiful stories we read would not have come to pass. And they do have a role to play, but without the writers, we would never have those stories in the first place. So, dear reader, you are the actual hero of the story.
Then, what is the role of editors and translators? Well, if writers are Luke Skywalker (for the Star Wars fans), then editors and translators are Yoda. The hero and their guide. They both need each other to come up with a fantastic story.
Therefore, both heroes and guides have their roles to play in crafting the rich tapestry of life. Together, we make art!