It seems like just another to-do on our already long list. We bump it down the list all the time. But according to Website Builder, companies that blog receive 55% more website visitors and 70% of people find out about a company through articles, not ads! Those are some impressive statistics!

Blogging also increases your leads by 67% and gives you 97% more links to your website – what an excellent Return on Investment! Now, we confess that our blog has been a bit slow lately, but we’ve decided to make a big comeback on our new website (launching soon – we’ll keep you updated).

We’ve written hundreds of blogs for other people, and there are many reasons why you should also consider reviving your blog (or your clients’ blogs), and some of them include:
• Increasing your SEO and traffic to your website
• Establishing yourself as an expert in your industry
• Building trust with your audience, and
• Increasing your exposure