We all know (or should know) that business has its own language just like texting has its own language and these two languages need to stay separate. Because so many people seem to be mixing them up these days, we thought we’d elaborate further. “A study of 1700 adult online dates found that 43% of users consider bad grammar decidedly unattractive.” (Source: Colour Works) So, if people consider bad grammar off-putting when choosing a life partner, how much more when the person is a potential business partner or contact?!
It’s really no laughing (or LOLing) matter. Why would someone do business with or employ someone whose e-mails look something like this:
How r u?
I want 2 have a meeting 2 discuss the way 4ward.
B4n (P.S. this means Bye for now)
We’re sure you’ll agree it’s not very respectful to address someone in this manner. And with all the spellcheckers and grammar checkers we have these days, there is no excuse for using texting language in business communication.
The words you use tell a story. They can either tell it well or harm your reputation and your beautiful story. So, strive to remove the BRBs, LOLs and ROTF/LMAOs from your business communication and shine brightly.