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July 2017

Who (or what) is EditA?

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Spelling mistake eliminators? Yes! Storytellers? Definitely! Language lovers? Si! This is our story… And, like James Patterson says, “What are we but our stories?”

You know, EditA was not always so shiny… First, there was Fair Translation and Editing Services, which started in 2013 with a woman whose creative side was begging to be released.

Mignionette Fair (EditA’s founder), always thought she would become a corporate poppie. She’s always had a love for reading and language and discovered a love for editing at Wits Journalism School.

But after completing two degrees in journalism and with no related job prospects on the horizon, she accepted a job in a completely different industry (because a girl has to eat). But soon, she was itching to let her creative side out. She received the opportunity to translate Annique Theron’s autobiography and seized it. The rest – as they say – is history.

Mignionette built the business on a part-time basis before taking the plunge into full-blown entrepreneurship in 2015 – something she never planned on doing. “Looking back, I always thought I would go to work every day, for someone else, with my pencil skirt and everything! But after being an entrepreneur for such a short time, I know I could never work for someone else again.”

Fair Translation steadily grew into a solid translation, editing and writing business. The team also grew with time to include Zama Bekeweni, Cecilia Mnisi, Joey Heinrich, Linda Botha and many others. But one has to keep moving onwards and upwards. The brand had to be about more than language services – it had to become a product that made great written communication accessible and affordable to everyone.

In February 2017, Fair Translation rebranded and formed Edita Services with EditA being at the centre of the rebrand. Mignionette says, “We realised there was a need for great written communication in even greater turnaround times and so, EditA was developed.” And of course, the EditA platform had to be quick and easy to use.

Currently, EditA offers a one-stop language shop for anyone with a story to tell. Whether you need someone to write your blog, newsletter or love letter or if you need someone to translate them… EditA does it all… in any language, in the style you prefer, hassle-free, and all before your deadline.

The online platform connects you to the best wordsmith for your needs and allows you to get language services in as little as three hours. It’s simple…

When you visit, you select the services you require and submit. Your request is sent to the wordsmiths who work their magic and before you know it, your story is in your inbox, shining bright like a diamond. In future, EditA will be fully operated by AI, which will make the whole process smooth sailing.

Mignionette says, “We are excited about the future at EditA, even though it lies in the great unknown. Steven Moffat said, “We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one.” And at EditA, we will make your story shine brightly.”