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Ask not what copy-writing can do for you, but what you can do for copy-writing!

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Hi there coolios!

Copy and content do so much for us, in fact, they are kind of like family to us. They help us tell the stories we love. They help us make sense of complicated information. They make our businesses and lives shine a little brighter. We’re a little obsessed with them 🙂

And how do we repay them? Boring stories, terrible spelling, grammar, and more! So, with some inspiration from JFK, let’s not ask what copy-writing can do for us but what we can do for copy-writing:

  • Write with passion: One of the worst injustices we perform in terms of copy-writing is writing for the sake of writing. There is no passion, no fun, and no life. Yuck! Write about something you care about, please.
  • Check your spelling and grammar: Research shows that more than half of people would avoid doing business with a company (or dating a person) if they made obvious spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Keep it simple: Using big words do not make you seem smarter… they make you seem pretentious. Corporate companies spend thousands on plain language editing (making sure laymen can understand their complicated jargon), so why would you complicate your writing unnecessarily?
  •  Keep it short: We see an interesting blog or newsletter heading. We click on said blog or newsletter heading. We start reading, but after about six paragraphs (okay, maybe five), we just start scrolling. Say what you want to say in the most efficient way. Unless you are writing a book – then by all means, take ten paragraphs to explain the colour of the sky.
  • Your name/subject in lights: It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest copy, if your headline sucks, it’s not going to make much of a difference. One company found adding the words ‘Hell yeah’ to their newsletter subject line increased their open rate by 23.88%! (Content Verve)
  • Aim at the right target: Great copy directed at the wrong audience will mean and do nothing. Make sure you know who your target market is, why they are reading what you are writing (business or pleasure), and write copy aimed at them.

And there you have it… short, sweet, and to the point. Let’s tell and write some awesome stories.

Keep shining brightly!



5 Ways to make your story shine brightly

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Hi there awesome people!

Have you ever sat down in front of your computer to write a blog or newsletter and then…

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Your mind goes blank.

It’s a terrible feeling to watch that blinking cursor appear and reappear… like it’s taunting you. The good news is, it’s happened to the best of us. The better news is, there are certain principles, tips, and tricks you can apply to make your story shine brightly every time.

So, here we go! 5 Ways to make your story shine brightly:

1. Be authentic

You might have a passion for rock-climbing but if you don’t own a rock-climbing gym, please don’t write or blog about it, unless it is on your personal blog. It will only confuse your audience. Stick to what you know and be creative in that space.

2. Become a hoarder

An idea hoarder, that is. Always be on the lookout for new and fresh ideas in your industry. Look on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google… anywhere and everywhere. I’ve received ideas for stories or blogs from the radio, TV, and conversations with people. And once that idea sprouts, I write it down as quickly as possible so I don’t forget. I pin interesting articles on my Pinterest boards and bookmark websites, blogs or articles that inspire me. Keep your idea file handy whenever you have to write and you’ll never run out of ideas.

3. Borrow

Because stealing is frowned upon :). Look for blogs or writers who inspire you and who have many followers or likes. Look at what they are posting and borrow some ideas. What industry-specific content is out there? And how can you improve that content for your blog or website? You can use a combination of articles to give your readers a more comprehensive answer to their question. However, I’d also like to state that you must always give credit where credit is due. Plagiarism will not make your story shine brightly!

4. You have not because you ask not

Why not ask your clients or followers what they would like to read on your blog or newsletter? Most people will be happy to tell you what they’d like to see more or less of. You could gather this information through polls, questions on your social media or by posting on online forums. You might be surprised what creative ideas your clients come up with!

5. Ride ’em cowboy

There are certain topics, trends and events that already have a huge following. So, ride the wave they create instead of trying to create your own miniature wave. Why reinvent the wheel, right? Capitalise on those trends and newsworthy events! Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas are good examples and can be used to reach out to clients. Also focus on industry-specific trends… which would be World Book Day, International Mother Language Day, and Authors’ Day in my case.

And there you have it… 5 ways to make your story shine brightly. What other ways have you found? I’d love to hear from you.

Keep shining brightly!


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